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Friday, October 31, 2014

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Straw Ornaments

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Tree Decorating Ideas

There are two perennial decor styles that I have a real fondness for: Rustic and Scandinavian. One style of ornament that combines those two into a natural and beautiful way is the art of wheat weaving. An asset of this craft is how it ranges from the very simplest to the most intricate of designs, and all of them are decorative and available.

The materials were of the humblest sort: leftover stems of dried wheat from fall harvests. And while some of us are enthusiastic about creating our own Christmas ornaments and gifts,for most of us it is a matter of time with all the demands of a busy holiday season. That is why I searched for straw ornaments that are easily ordered from Amazon. Take a look!

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Christmas Color Themes

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Christmas decorations are on the shelves and the color trends available for this year are displayed. So what have decorators presented for Christmas?

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Hungarian Christmas

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icon of HungaryA rich culture, Hungary has lots of fun traditions and decor ideas to try for an ethnic Christmas celebration that is colorful and delicious. Discover Hungarian foods and heritage.

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Christmas Plants 2012

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Christmas cactusI just bought my Christmas poinsettias for this year ( 2012) and got a great deal at Home Depot. A nice, full, six inch pot for less than $5.00 and a very full planter of poinsettias plus variegated ivy for less than $15.00. Home Depot also had Christmas cactus, which I thought about getting... but decided I wanted to wait until later.

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  • Many Happy Returns
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    Girl with heartsHave you felt that Christmas has wonderful potential for building relationships or investing in others? The only thing holding you back is being unsure of how to make that happen? Girltalk had some ideas to kickstart you in the right direction.

    Invest this Christmas advised: "Take advantage of the Christmas season to invest in the people God has placed in your life."

    Try a few of these suggestions, such as asking friendsĀ  to "Join you in shopping for a Christmas tree or Christmas gifts", or some conversation starters, such as "What is your best memory from a past Christmas?", "What are your hopes for the New Year?" "What are your holiday traditions?" can be the start of meaningfull and relationship deepening conversations. Connecting in. Add to the emotional acounts of others this Christmas.. You might be surprised at the returns:)

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  • Daily Advent Devotions 2012
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    Have you been celebrating Advent this year? If you would like some inspirations for devotions or ways to celebrate with your children, take a look at the Advent blog of Loving Christmas. We are starting week two today, with lighting the Candle of Peace, but that doesn't mean you can't start right in today to find oodles of ideas from this year and the past.

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