This year our Advent is centered around the theme of God’s promises, and the greatest fulfillment of all of them in Christ Jesus [The Promised One]. Advent is a time of preparation, an anticipation of our hearts as we review the entry of our Savior into the world. In a way, He enters anew in our hearts as we meditate on the part of the gospel surrounding his birth. So whether we light the four candles of the advent wreath, or participate in daily devotions or activities like opening a door on our Advent calenders, we are celebrating the center of our Christmas, Jesus Christ, in small ways that remind us of who he is, what he has done, and why we worship and adore him.

Open the letter of God's promises to you

Open the letter of God's promises to you

This year I hope God’s promises are unfolded a little more each day, and our focus on a promise for us every day of Advent builds a confidence and anticipation of what God has for us in the coming year.

Advent 2009 begins on the First Sunday in Advent, November 29, 2009. Candle of “Hope”
Second Sunday of Advent: Sunday, December 6, 2009. Candle of “Peace”
Third Sunday of Advent: Sunday, December 13, 2009. Candle of “Love”
Fourth Sunday of Advent: Sunday, December 20. Candle of “Joy”
Christmas Eve: Thursday, December 24, 2009. Lighting all the candles of your Advent wreath or log! The Light of the World has come!
Christmas falls on Friday, December 25, 2009.

Make your Advent Centerpiece Today

Make your Advent Centerpiece Today

On this first Sunday of Advent, when lighting the candle of “Hope”, you may want to prepare the ornaments -either ones you make or ones that you buy or those you have on hand for each of the days ahead. I think it would be fun to hang an ornament on a tree each time the devotion is read.

Or let each day be a surprise and go with that!

Here is a list of symbols we will be using, but not in particular order:

  • Pitcher
  • Mary or White Lily
  • Angels
  • Crown
  • Gold Coin
  • Camel
  • Light Bulb
  • Heart
  • Full sun
  • Sword
  • Door
  • Seed
  • Dove
  • Clouds
  • Mountain
  • Scroll
  • Ark
  • Honey Pot
  • Rainbow
  • Scallop Shell
  • Pick Axe
  • Shepherd Crook
  • Lamb
  • Nativity Holy Family
  • Star

Scripture for today
I Kings 8:56

“Praise be to the LORD, who has given rest to his people Israel just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses.
Color a Rainbow to hang on your tree

Color a Rainbow and hang it on your tree

Thought for this Sunday:
Whenever I think of the promises of God, I think of the rainbow. It is a phenomena that reminds us of the sureness of God’s promise and of His intention to save us, not destroy us. The promises did not start there, and they did not end there, as today’s verse shows us, they have been an ongoing process of His relationship to all of creation, including us. In years long after God had given promises to Moses for the Israelite people, this statement was made: Not one word had failed. Whenever I see a rainbow in the sky I remember that God still keeps his promises, and not one word will fail. Let’s start off remembering how faithful God is in keeping His promises and as we journey through our memorial of them, have growing confidence.

Our symbol for today is a rainbow.
Our song for today is “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “Watchman, Tell Us of the Night“.

Lyn Hallewell said in 2007I really enjoyed putting together the daily advent Jesse tree devotion this year. I got a lot out of it, and I think my family did too. We had a special time together each evening after dinner, where we listened to the devotion and prayed together, waited on God…

I feel the same way about our devotions, and hope that whatever way you choose to observe Advent, it will give you the same rewards.

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