Christmas Is Love Come To Earth

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Victorian Luxe

But as always, Christmas is a time you can get away with glitz, the more the merrier. Sparkle everything and bring out velvets and sequins, let  a feeling of abundance rule your abode for the short season that seems over all too quickly.

And that's the scoop on what is fashion in holiday decor.

... but if you still like homespun and an old fashioned Christmas , check out my pages on decorating for a homey holiday. Decorating the Tree and Traditions

eBay has this to say on their helpful Guide:

The following represents the prospective trends for this holiday season:



The Greens - Shades of lime, acid, sage, spruce and ivy.
The Reds - Bright and bold, or wine-toned.  Bold reds paired with lime and acid green in contemporary decor.
Bronze and amber - Elegant when combined with rich metallic tones.
Purples - All kinds.
White - Vintage ivory across all categories except contemporary, where white rules as the neutral of choice.
Black - Black and white for Christmas looks fresh and modern; black combined with brights; pair it with silver, beads and crystals for extra pizazz.
Metallics - This season, metallics range from bright, fun and funky to light and elegant to deep and luxurious.  Silver teamed up with ivory and white.  Brights in shades of pumpkin, lime green, purple and red.

In addition, the range of blues, browns, greens, reds, pinks and golds seen in the fashion world today are also strong in home decor fashions.  The orange of last year has evolved into a burnt orange or bronze, paired with red and fuschia.  During the 2005 holiday season in Europe, one of the most dramatic color stories to emerge was black.  This trend will continue to evolve this year.

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