Christmas Is Love Come To Earth

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"A little organizing and we can ALL enjoy the holiday." So says Lucy ... and I believe her!wrapped present

"I'm a firm believer that Organizational Skills are learned."


Ok, check, I go along with that idea.

First start: "Christmas-Money-Account fulled funded".

I plan this every year, but am just not disciplined enough, but Lucy drives home the motivation: "To keep track of who she buys what" . Making a spreadsheet to track that information! Don't you just hate it when you get caught up in shopping and buy too much for one person and not enough for another? Or do your shopping over time and forget what you got for whom? Now I'm sure there are other disorganized, yet Christmas-loving, people like me out there!

So what other tips could I glean from Lucy?

  • buy HUGE amounts of cards in the days after Christmas.
  • shopping itself is a lesson. General ideas, leading to specific ideas, leading to comparison shopping, leading to gift wrapping, sometimes leading to mailing the day after Thanksgiving.
  • When everyone else is scurrying around we'll be home decorating cupcakes with very vivid green frosting and listening to carols.
  • remembering "not-budgeting leads to a horrible stress-filled January"
  • Organizational skills are essential for a stress-free holiday.

I love her attitude!

I might add to that after Christmas shopping list things like wrapping paper and ribbon supplies, but if we didn't have that foresight for this year.... there is always buying bulk and discount at places like Sam's Club, even though that might slow up the schedule for getting everything wrapped early. I haven't seen Christmas wrapping paper supplies on display quite yet, but that doesn't mean I can't take baby steps in the right direction. Tradition sometimes just means getting a habitual way to prepare for having a celebration of time together, and the skills, efforts, and recipes accumulated for this years holiday will transfer to the coming years. I think it would detour a lot of the seasonally related stress to have a plan and work the plan for an organized Christmas. So, thanks, Lucy!