Christmas Is Love Come To Earth

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"Of course!" There are so many wonderful things about Christmas celebration, and they all center around the best gift the world ever received: The Savior. Everything about the nativity of Christ illuminates the Love of God. It's message of Peace and Comfort speaks to the disarray and difficulties that mankind finds in this life, it spreads hope and lightens the dark with cheer and kindness.

advent angel There are so many ways that people have for expressing the meaning of Christmas to their families and in their cultures- the thread of love weaves a varied and rich drape over the winter season. I hope that this page adds to your family's celebrations with cozy thoughts and inspirational ideas and helps you create an experience of Christmas for all your loved ones. Christmas in Ohio is the group of pages inspired by my own traditions here in the state of Ohio over the years, add some things to your own favorite ways of celebration.