Thoughts on Christmas

Christmas is, first and foremost, the birthday of Jesus Christ. And it is funny how even Christians can have ambivilent feelings during this season. The materialism, the gaudiness, the hustle and bustle, it creates a moral dilemma for some people. I do have a site (for those who are struggling) to sort things out. But before you go,can I share my feeling? I find Christmas one of the most joyous times of the year, its message is full of everything that elevates the human soul-and without discounting the very real difficulties of existance. A message, from God, Himself, of peace and his good will to all his creatures; He loves you and He cares about your situation in life. And so we see angels, shepherds, magi, and the animals of the field and manger scene all joining in happy and holy celebration of the quiet and simple entrance of God's Only Begotten Son.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Christmas shopping when done with a heart of love for those who matter to you, there is everything wonderful in giving of your best to those who have less and are suffering, it is a time to smile more, care more, and think less of yourself. It helps to simplify your expectations and focus on the "love" and not on the "loot".


Jesus is the Reason

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